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In Though I Get Home book news: we have a cover! Featuring my own handwriting! In typical fashion, I hated my handwriting at first (like hearing your own voice recorded for the first time), but I got over my squirminess. Here it is, a lovely cover that summons images and themes in the book: invasion, erosion, escape, desperation. Trying hard.

I'll be reading a story from the book as part of the Sunday's at Erv's reading series, on August 13 at 6 PM. The story is, as you can imagine, about escape and desperation.

A perk from my company: after five years of service, I get a paid sabbatical. So I'll be taking September off, and I'm planning to use the month for a writing retreat. September also happens to be our first wedding anniversary! There will be celebration involving a park, seafood, and reading of barely legible wedding guest notes. (We subjected our guests to an old typewriter with a ribbon that was rapidly running out of ink -- oops.)

I did apply to organized writing retreats, and came close to being accepted at two of them. One of them notified me that I was an "alternate" for a spot, to which I enthusiastically fired off a response: "I hope a spot does open up!" After which I immediately cringed and beat myself up because it sounded like I was wishing for someone to keel over and be indisposed or something. Ha. Ugh. Ha.

I won't be going far in September; I'll be writing upstate in Hudson for a week, and then the rest of the time I hope to make my writing spot at home work. Will be trying to make some progress on a second book, a novel about intimacy, immigration, and mental health. Also considering writing a few blog articles, some for literary magazines, some more for women in technology careers.

I'll also be attempting a social media "fast" for the month. We'll see how well that goes.

A couple books I read and enjoyed recently: Tommy Pico's Nature Poem and Lo Kwa Mei-en's The Bees Make Money in the Lion.

Ending with a tongue-in-cheek quote of quotes from a review of my short story "To Dance is Feline" in Black Static #59, by writer Des Lewis: "I ache to quote thousands of quotes from it. All I can do is sing! And dance!"

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